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Soaking in September

Fall is upon us and I'm so ready for it! it's been a beautiful Summer, but I'm ready to part ways with the lawn mower and hunker into an art cave.

Ive already started dusting off the watercolor pens with some new doodles! (Each piece still needs a title) coming soon and suggestions welcomed!

Also whipped out some acrylics the other day and played around with a few seascapes 🌊

I've set a goal to post more art on my social pages. I'd love to grow my Instagram page in 2024 so if you don't already, be sure to follow me there!

If you frequent my site, I've been making design tweaks here and there as I have time, so feel free to let me know what you think about how everything is working! Send me feedback from the footer of the site if you have any trouble navigating the pages or shopping.

Lastly, I'll be adding some new items to the online shop soon! My goal is to get more original pieces listed, but for now, I have some seasonal original art features in the shop for Halloween!

Thank you for reading and stay creative everyone!

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