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What is art to me? What is it to you?

the last few weeks have been a bit busy in my life, but also slowing down at the same time. It got me thinking about my future and what intention I want to set going forward. My entire life, I’ve focused myself towards goals that aren’t my own. Lately, I’ve been setting the intention to follow my heart and just believe in the process.

Is my art good enough to be valued? would people relate or care? What if people hate it? Those are all questions I’ve been asking myself. However, it occurred to me recently that it doesn’t matter. I find peace in creating something that is my own idea, my own style, and holding my own meanings. I find joy in creating various pieces in different styles. I am more myself when im in this space of creativity. It made me realize how masked I’d been, how my own thoughts held me back because my inner voice isn’t always kind.

All the anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and more that I hold can be released into a piece of paper. The happiness, carefree, spiritual moments can be captured within color. The oppression, injustice and harassment can be exposed. All without saying a word.


Kathryn 🖤💜 Here’s a peak into what I’ve been playing with this week! Been loving this one ☝️

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