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Hello fellow creatives,

I just finished some tweaks to the website that I hope you'll enjoy! I am slowly but surely adding more interactivity within the site. I'm working on my gallery feature still, I had it up at one point but I want to toy with the layout some more.

You'll see the most changes to the homepage area of the site. I cleaned up the banners so that I have my print images up now and I also cleaned up the text a little. You can also notice a "details" feature on the front that is more direct to the blog here for any important updates!

I added an email subscription box at the bottom for when I have any important email updates.

The shop is still open and working well! I'm thinking of separating out my shops a little. I still haven't quite decided. I was thinking I may list products that are more merch or duplications to Etsy and have my original pieces remain solely here on my main shop site. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

I'm working on possibly getting some individual sticker items listed for anyone with a smaller budget and I still have a few original pieces I'll be listing for sale soon :) (hint: Odin is one of them, as well as Heal) So stay tuned for more and thank you for reading!

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