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Shop is now open!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Good evening fello night owls 🦉 I’m just putting the finishing touches together on the shop but it’s basically all set and in place! I did a little soft launch last night to test out some of the features of the site, but if you do have any issues checking out please let me know!

I currently have it set up that each order does require paid shipping. I believe I set a free shipping of $49 orders but I’ll have to confirm that. Shipping rates are definitely higher than I expected them to be and I would like to use a priority mail service to ensure those purchasing have a safe and insured package.

As I get more established into the art community my hope is to be able to cover more of those fees.

I just launched a few really fun items 🤪

We have some print bundles available and a few sticker merch packs to pick from. I was torn between wanting to sell prints or duplications if my art or if I wanted to sell only originals and im still torn on that. I’d really love to see if my artwork is enjoyed before I commit to possibly selling some originals. I do get a sort of emotional attachment to some pieces. (Anyone else gave that problem?)

I Do hope that you enjoy the new site Lay-out as well. I’ve been tinkering with a few new styles for my designs and I added in a gallery area for viewing some pieces from this year as well as some years prior. I’ve also included a small about me area for anyone curious about who I am as an artist.

Thank you and enjoy! To view the newly opened shop, click here!

‘Til we chat again!