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Shop, Art, INKED magazine and more!

Hello creative people! I have lots of fun exciting ideas and new things coming for 2023 🥰😍.

Firstly, I want to say thank you for anyone reading or following! It means a lot 🥲 My goal for this year is to grow my online presence so if you don't already, please be sure to follow my social media channels! 😍

I have some fun things in my brain. So to make a long story short, this is what I want to cover in this blog update:

  • Shop updates

  • Darksorted Axessories

  • Inked Magazines CoverGirl

  • Galleries updated

  • Graphic design ideas

I have the shop live again! I had to shut it down for a bit while I focused on my new job. I have been learning so much and doing so many new things, that I wanted to focus my attention and energy there. Now that I have a better grasp on my new position, I wanted to get my shop live again for anyone interested in some art! ☺️ I don't have my originals listed currently because I'm starting with a smaller goal for the time being, but if you are interested in any originals, just email me and we can work it out! 😎

I'm working on playing around with jewelry crafting! In addition to that, I am interested in making some charms or other accessories. I'm in a bit of a testing phase with this currently as I play around with styles and types of accessories! My thinking behind it though is the style. The name is a play on words for assorted accessories. But because I tend to like stranger things, they're more "dark"sorted and I just liked tying in the word axe to accessories. Like chopping down traditional style earrings and accessories and being different! More to come as testing continues! I want to make sure I make some things to use and wear beforehand to ensure whatever I make, can last the rest of time!

Inked magazine! So I joined a contest on a whim for inked magazine to try and be their next 2023 cover girl! I love the tattoo artist who would be giving a tattoo and of course, the prize and winning could be huge for me professionally. So if you have a moment, vote for me to win! You can vote once per 24hrs for free!

The last items to go over are quick updates! On the site, I have recently updated the gallery pages I'm trying to organize the galleries more so stay with me as we section them out, but I listed some poetry (never before shared), and I have plans to add some graphic design soon! I think for the graphic design items, I want them to solely be my designs so it may take some time to build! But I was thinking of also having downloadable resources for purchase! So stay tune for more on that!