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Making some choices: Shop Ideas

Hi there all who are reading! Here's some updates about Creatively Kathryn :) I'm going to keep it short and sweet because my attention span is lacking this week. ;)

- I'm working on reopening the shop. Currently, I'm torn on whether I want to host my shop here or whether I want to primarily list on Etsy. I'm still kinda digging into those options, but I should be figuring it out soon!

- I've begun working with some jewelry ideas and other crafts. I had this idea a while ago to have the name "Darksorted

Axessories". The name stood out to me for my style and vibe, so I kept that in the back of my mind while doing some art until I felt ready to tinker with some accessory items.

- I'm still playing around with some hand-painted bookmarks. I got this idea in my head a while ago that I wanted to paint bookmarks, so I did a bunch for some gifts around the holidays, and they were a hit!

- Lastly, I've been delving back into some small art pieces and playing around with my style/color and overall skillset. I'll most likely be matting and finalizing them soon so they can appear wherever the new shop ends up!

Those are all the updates for now! Thank you for your interest in my art and until next time, stay creative!

Creatively, Kathryn

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