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Lots of Original Pieces Added!

Hello and good evening! I have some exciting news. I just finished uploading the first round of original pieces to the shop! (Woohoo) I've been taking my time doing a lot of the stuff I want to do with Creatively Kathryn for a few reasons, 1. of course I want to take my time and do things slow and steady, and 2. I've kinda been feeling the struggles of some crud lately. A number of things have been on my mind and it's just been taking up a little more space than the art side of things. However, I have been feeling better recently and have decided to get a move on a lot of my goals before the end of the year!

One of my goals for 2022 was to take my time and find myself in my art again (is that too corny?) and I feel like I've been achieving that goal! Another goal I had for this year was to put my art out there and by becoming more active on my social media channels this year, I believe I've also been achieving that goal. Overall, patting myself on the back.

I haven't fully sorted out what I want my goals for 2023 to be yet. I had rough ideas of course, but I haven't sat down to really write out attainable goals yet. I would love to be able to expand on what I've been woring on here in 2022 and maybe see where things go! IF you haven't already, check out the shop and see if anything speaks to you ^_^

New items in the shop:

Display stands for purchased pieces • Original Pieces • $4.95 shipping for a limited time :)

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