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About Me, Creatively Kathryn

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

So who am I?

I'm Kathryn, a 31-year-old artist in southwestern Pennsylvania. Let's start with the present before we delve into anything deeper than that. I'm a graphic designer and traditional artist. Over the last 11 years, I've been working full-time as a graphic designer and have really let a lot of my traditional art fall to the wayside. Over the last few years, my mental health has gone in and out of stability. To be transparent, I'm really just looking for new ways to cope. In this case, it's awakening something old.

I've always considered myself an artist, but if we're being honest here, the last many years have not produced too much in the way of true creativity. It's been years of accumulating more art supplies under the guise of "when I just get more free time, I'll paint." or "Well if I just had these brushes, I'd get into it again." I have a hard time doing things. To others, I seem very efficient, but I'm just good at disguising my disorganization.

I have so many ideas that brew in my head on a daily basis. Almost every idea gets "locked away for another time." Yet another time never comes. So now we are here my friends. I like to set yearly goals to work toward in the year to come, so I've decided on 2 things.

  1. My 2022 goal is to get back into art.

  2. I really want to be an artist. A true artist who sells their pieces for a living.

So I had to ask myself, how am I going to make that happen? Well, due to my background in design and marketing, I have the knowledge and skill to build a platform, which is what we have here. Then, by participating in what I'm calling 365 days of art, I will be able to master my skills and create one-of-a-kind pieces for my gallery.

This is my idea for 365 days of art, ready?! So for 2022, every day I will be required to create 1 piece of art, sketch, or craft a day. It doesn't need to be large nor does it have to be incredibly detailed. It does, however, need to have some level of effort of course placed into it. Some intention if you will.

Every day that I miss, I will be placing some money aside for a self-care goal, so even if I miss a day, I still gain a positive habit by saving some extra cash for something for me. Delving further into transparency, because it will be relevant during my time blogging, I struggle with depression. I don't frequently talk about my depression as I have many things I've kept to myself over my lifetime, some of which may be unsettling to most. However, if this is a path I'm going to choose to walk, my art will be a direct reflection of my inner self, and if that reflection is dark, then It should be embraced.

I think that'll about cover it for now! 2022 starts in just a few short days. Countdown to starting something new!