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Art is the soul's way of communicating.
My goal is to reflect, communicate and inspire.

A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Kathryn! I am an Artist and Graphic Designer from Southwestern PA. I have experience in Brand management as well as marketing with an eye for detail. However, I'm much more than a just professional bio. 

I've always thought myself to be a bit of an old soul with a child's heart and that tends to come through often in my art. My artwork style ranges from realistic everyday landscapes to dark, soul-searching, and meaningful pieces. I like to dabble with a little bit of everything, so hopefully, you'll find something you love!

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Q. Are you currently taking commissions or custom orders?
A. Not at this time. Right now, I'm focusing on my own traditional art pieces that I'd like to put together! I may revisit the idea of custom pieces in the future though so please check back for updates! 

Q. Are you currently doing graphic design freelance?
A. I'm not currently taking on new opportunities for graphic design freelance, however, I am still available to work with existing clients as needed.

Q. Who do you use to ship?
A. Right now, I'm using USPS shipments of my artwork with consideration to using UPS in the near future as well!

Have a question? Send me an email at

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